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  1. Okay so having moved some of my personal Oracle card packs on to new homes I have made space to welcome in some new cards and yesterday I received The Crystal Spirits Oracle Card Deck (Collette Baron-Reid) and I have to say at first glance I really love them! I pulled a card for myself and it was Lepidolite and the accompanying message was so appropriate! The cards & book are in a nice sturdy box with a fold-over lid and the companion book is quite comprehensive. The artwork (byJena DellaGrottaglia) is really lovely. There are your expected crystals in the deck e.g. Amethyst, Moonstone, Malachite etc. but there are also some more unusual ones e.g. Dalmatian Stone, Bixbite, Orange Sapphire to mention a few. I was also pleased to see the image for Citrine was not a picture of baked amethyst citrine. So on the whole quite impressed and looking forward to using these cards for personal guidance and sharing them in my workshops & classes for a 'card pick' 





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    It seems that there’s a lot out there about ‘balancing your chakras’ and the general public, those who have heard the term that is, are led to believe that just by laying a set of coloured crystals on the chakra points their chakras will be balanced.  I admit I am even fostering this belief by selling chakra stones and teaching the chakra layouts in my crystal classes!  But I have come to realise through research, experience and reading that this, if anything, is a very temporary fix and that there is so much more to ‘balancing your chakras’.

    My understanding of the Chakra System, particularly the seven main chakras, is that they are energy providers & distributors.  They ‘spin’ to draw in the energy (prana, ki, qi, chi – call it what you will) that our subtle body requires –  just as our lungs draw in the air we need and our mouths take in the food & fluid we require to sustain our physical body – and distribute the energy throughout our physical & subtle bodies through an energetic network – like our heart pumps the blood through our body to distribute oxygen & nutrients.

    I am not referring to energy in the way we require energy to make our bodies move etc. We can be tired and fatigued when we have been physically active – our muscles are sore, our joints ache. But we can also feel a different tiredness and fatigue when we are emotionally tired: worn down by a persistent situation; spending too much time in the presence of those who ‘drain’ us with their need for attention or assistance; being in a constant state of fear.  This is the energy that our chakras provide and a small crystal or even a large layout of crystals is not necessarily going to immediately balance an over-worked or sluggish chakra as it struggles to draw and circulate the energy required for coping with these chronic situations.

    Crystals, and for that matter Reiki or other vibrational energy healing techniques, when used regularly can have an effect in that they can trigger the healing response, they can trigger changes in thoughts so that, even if the situation we are experiencing cannot be changed, we can view it from a different perspective and find ways to alleviate the issues caused and alter our reaction.  So although I began by saying that a simple laying on of stones cannot affect a balancing of our chakras, if it is a regular exercise it can help us begin to heal and maybe, over time we can walk away from a persistent situation, find ways to protect ourselves from our ‘energy drainers’ or overcome our fear.